Thursday, June 21, 2018


Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratory is proud to offer an excellent portfolio of capabilities and experience of our skillful people who enable us to solve and deliver on a range of needs. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, try our search engine above. You can also contact us. 

Personnel at RMSL have extensive research, development, testing, and evaluation experience in energetic material characterization with over 45 years of combined experience in laboratory and field testing among the principal managers. RMSL personnel are among the most experienced and capable individuals in the area of improvised explosive formulation, handling, and characterization. Other areas of expertise include training, laboratory analysis, conventional explosives formulation and synthesis, small-scale safety testing, large-scale explosive effects testing, evaluation of feasibility/viability studies, development of safe scale procedures (remote and automated systems), and complete explosive effects evaluation.


Remote handling and surveillance systems, fixed and mobile, offering the utmost in safety assurance when managing a wide variety of chemical, biological, and physical hazards. Whether your needs center on adding capability to an existing robotic platform or processing facility, or developing an entirely new capability to tackle emerging threats, RMSL offers a solution based on your specific needs. Intelligent combinations of commercial-off-the-shelf systems and custom-designed components ensure that your organization receives the best value available.

A suite of diagnostic equipment including high-speed video and instrumentation for transient pressure, stress, strain, temperature, heat-flux, momentum, acceleration, and force along with high-resolution digital recording oscilloscopes allows for routine and advanced studies of many types of mechanical, chemical, and electrical systems.

Design, modeling & simulation, synthesis, characterization testing, analysis, and training related to explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics, fuels, and oxidizers. This is the core of RMSL’s existence. Improvised explosive devices, homemade explosives, small and large munitions, lethal and less-lethal weapons, high and low explosives, insensitive munitions, thermites, rocket motors, self-destruct charges, covert munitions, thermobarics, flame-suppressed, low-signature/smoke; these are just a sample of the systems designed, prototyped, evaluated, re-engineered, and manufactured by RMSL personnel.

Routine and advanced studies of mechanical, chemical, and electrical systems. Personnel at RMSL have extensive experience in designing and fielding specialty munitions and tools.  Designs include, but not limited to tools used by military and law enforcement agencies as either lethal and less-than-lethal tools.  The cradle to grave knowledge possessed by RMSL personnel provide insight to designing cheaper more effective tools.